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Develop a Growth Mind Set

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Develop and Growth Mindset & help yourself succeed


Sometimes, we can get stuck in negative ways of thinking that really closes our mind to options that with help us to grow and succeed in what we want.

A growth mindset is the opposite to a closed mindset and is absolutely key to help to reach personal goals, satisfaction and success in life.

As a parent we need a growth mindset for our self fullfilment and to be able to manage stresses and challenges that everyone has from time to time.

Here are some really positive growth mindset phrases that will help to keep your mind focussed on success

and teach your children to look for strategies that will give them more chance of success in life.

You are welcome to print this tip sheet below.


Develop a Growth Mindset

Mistakes help me learn

I will try a different strategy

I am always improving

My attitude makes a difference

I will train myself

I can do it

My effort makes a difference

I will explore my options

I am learning

I like a challenge

I will think what I can do

It wiull become clearer

I am more aware today

I will make an adjustment

It's good to try

I can choose another option

I will expect myself to do my best

Download the printable version here


Good luck!

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