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Not making the changes that you want?

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If you are not making the changes that you want you may be pleased to know that it is not your fault...
It's your brains fault.....
The brain has two modes.
1. Auto Pilot.
You see the brain likes to repeat the same old thoughts because it means that it doesn't have to work so hard.
So you do the same old thing every day even though you know it's not that helpful or even getting you the results that you wanted.
You are choosing to stay on auto pilot because it's easier...
2. Manual.
When you want to get something done you have to direct your thoughts and tell yourself what to do and remind yourself to do it, like go to the gym, eat right and take care of the children.
Why is it so hard to change?
The brain has way to much information to take in and way to many choices to consider. Because of this it's way easier to simply eat, say or do the same things that you have always done.
Be Careful... You brain will use feelings to make it even harder for you to change...
For example: I am too tired, it's too late, too hard, can't be bothered, I don't have enough money, it's not that bad, it's too scary and so on..........
When you get a feeling like this, you can quickly become overwhelmed which almost gives you permission not to do the thing you wanted or needed to do in the first place.
How to teach your brain to get what you want..
Give yourself a big enough WHY..
For example: by thinking that there is a wedding coming up, or you want to go on holiday soon, you may just convince your brain to go ahead and make the changes that you wanted, such as loose the weight or make the money because you will feel good.
More Good News...
It will help with children too.
If you want you children to change what they do, such as get off the play station, tidy up their room or do their homework...
Give them a good enough positive reason WHY to motive them and to convince their brain that it's a good idea.
For example: Come on let's sort this room out so we can sleep better at night and get off to town after.
​​​​​​​Although it's not your fault that your brain likes auto pilot mode the best, it is your responsibility to over rode it and get into manual mode.
The good news is.. it does get easier the more you train your thoughts what to do.
GOOD LUCK and let us know how you get on...

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