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Can you relate to some Christmas family stress?
You see your vision and have spent a fortune on gifts, the house is beautifully decorated, you are preparing the last-minute things, the kitchen is full with lovely foods to eat and the stockings are ready to hang on the fireplace.
You are full with hopeful anticipation for a wonderful Christmas, filled with excited happy children that will create lasting fond memories.
BUT, in reality you silently feel overwhelmed and stressed that things could go horribly wrong because the kids are pretty likely to play up and spoil things, with their tantrums, arguing and bad moods. (Yes the stress is real).
Stop right here because it doesn't have to be this way.
You are invited to take our PEACE FOR CHRISTMAS challenge.
If you want to be sure that you can manage your child's behaviour, effectively and have real peace and harmony at home then this course is for you.
Don't waste precious family time this Christmas, make the most of the moemnt by being sure that you can manage your child's behaviour effectively, efficaintly and positivelty.
In other words give yourself a break. 
I know that there is loads of advice about how to manage children's behaviour and that you may have used these ideas and made small changes that never really lasted..
I know trying to balance everything as a parent is hard any time of the year but at Chritmas it can leave you overwhelmed and little exhausted.
This course is designed for parents LIKE YOU who are:
Struggling with their children's behaviour or simply want to know how they can have more peace at Christmas.
Take this opportunity to have a special whopping 50% discount as my gift to your family this Christmas.

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