A premium parent coaching experience designed to create more connection and cooperation with your children.

So you can unleash their greatness!


Proven strategies that work

A clear path to enjoy parenting

Parenting without burnout


We tend to invest a lot of time and money learning how to deal with pregnancy and buying expensive clothes and equipment. 

We prepare them for school and focus on academic achievements, yet often overwhelm will creep in.

Nobody explained the reality of what it means to have children and to have the responsibility of bringing them up to become adults.

We become stressed and sleep-deprived and find it hard to juggle work and family life. 

When we struggle with children's challenging behaviour, parenting can be harder to handle.

We can become reactive and respond from a place of frustration that makes behaviour worse.

When we meet our children's needs with consistency, consequences, positive attention and discipline, we can become more proactive in creating the relationships we want with our children. 

Once we master parenting, our whole life can change for the better, and children will thrive.


My signature Parenting Masterclass has been successfully used by countless parents before you.

Recommended by parents who completed the program.
Quality Assured
We have been awarded the UK gold standard for parenting programs.
Recommended by schools who trained their staff to be coaches.


Parents like you are raising their hands and getting the help they need for the life they want. 
Take it from my clients themselves.

"Ruth was really helpful, we actually managed to get our son back to school after 9 months of refusing to go, it is such a relief." Kerry from Cannock.

"I thought it might work, but I never thought it would be instant." Jenny from Surrey.

“I was a bit sceptical about the course at the start, but it has exceeded all my expectations. The course has helped me to bring out my best parenting skills and has helped us tremendously with our family unit.  Our son's behaviour has improved considerably, as we have given him a lot more encouragement with his good aspects and not dwelt on his bad. The group as a whole was very good, respectful and helpful."  Matthew from Featherstone.

“Much better than Triple P, Ruth you are lovely and have shown me and my family a more positive way with a lot more light at the end of the tunnel thank you. I feel more confident in dealing with my boy’s unwanted “moments”. I feel this program will help those who accept the need for change and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their parenting skills, it definitely helped me.” Sue and Rob from Rugeley.

“This program has been an enlightening experience and one that I wouldrecommend to all parents who feel they need support” David from Wolverhampton.

'This program has offered a lot of reflection, and also gave different ways to look at things to find helpful solutions. No parent is perfect and asking for help is ok." 
Chloe from Surrey.

"We are recognising what we can do and trying to take time to say positive words rather than just jumping in to criticise.  We are having much less situations arising and we can see where there is conflict building up so that we can avoid it. We would strongly recommend the program and it has really helped our family and our household is much happier."  Rochelle and Sam from Stone.

"Our family is 100% happier since we have worked with Ruth." 
Emma and Ron from Staffordshire.

"I love all the information that I have received from Ruth, it really works, I can honestly say that if we had this information when our son was small we would never have had a problem at all.  Sarah from New York.


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